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(this is a copy of https://raw.github.com/DrDub/thout/master/ROADMAP)



Stage 1

  • Basic server
 * Server asks for a document from all connections, one connection at
   a time, with timeout.
 * Server assumes enough resources to keep track of all hashes and
 * Customizable hash function.
 * Maximum document size.
  • Basic client
 * Handles text/plain, text/html.
 * Documents are <HTTP-like header, '\n', binary document>.
 * No hash blacklisting.
 * No disk storage.

Stage 2

  • Extend server with:
 * Ask for documents on multiple connections simultaneously (e.g.,
   three connections at the same time).
 * Do not ask for documents exhaustively to all connections.
 * Drop hashes and connections to conform to a given resource
   consumption level.
  • Extend the basic client with:
 * Console showing received and stored documents.
 * Handles thout://hash_function/hash URIs.
 * Hash blacklisting, meaning certain documents known to the user can
   be explicitly refused to be stored.
 * Pluggable handling of MIME types.
  • (New) Node.js client
 * Serves documents from a particular folder. It is intended to work
   together with a regular HTTP server folder.
   * This process is quite complex, as internal URIs need to be
     changed to thout://hash_function/hash URIs.
     For example: 
     * Page index -links-to-> pages A, B, C
     * Page A -links-to-> pages B, D
     * Page B -links-to-> page C, A, index
     * Page C -links-to-> page D, index
     * Page D -links-to-> index
     The graph needs to be made into a tree, by dropping some nodes:
     * Page index -links-to-> pages A, B, C
     * Page A -links-to-> pages B, D
     * Page B -links-to-> page C
     * Page C -links-to-> page D
     * Page D
     Then topologically sorted: {D, C, B, A, index} and hashed in
     order with the links changed to thout://hash_function/hash
 * Also caches in memory a number of documents for the thout network.

Stage 3

  • Extend server with:
 * Capability to become a gateway, connecting to another server.
 * Needs to be able to detect search cycles and break them.
  • Extend client with:
 * Capability to connect to multiple thout servers, bridging between
  • Extend Node.js client with:
 * Capability to serve documents to multiple thout's servers,
   bridging between them.

Stage 4

  • Freenet add-on:
 * Bridges between freenet and thout.
 * Each freenet node is then potentially a thout node.

Stage 5

(When node.js handles asynchronous crypto.hash with buffers)

  • Add to client and server the possibility to stream video.


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