Given the success of the graduate seminar I taught last year in Argentina on Neural Networks Architectures, I'm offering it again, this time through the Towards AI discord server.


There will be 9 introductory lectures of about 30' to 40' of presentation followed by discussion with the attendees. After the 9 lectures, we will turn to paper presentations from attendees.

The lectures take place on Tuesdays 8 pm California time. That is 11 pm New York time, 9:30 am India time. The recording of the lectures is available as a YouTube playlist and linked below for each lecture.

Target audience

Deep learning researchers and practitioners interested in improving their understanding of neural network architectures across the board. This is not an introductory course nor it deals with implementation details. The architectures we will see will only be discussed to the level of architecture, not to the level necessary to implement them (but the papers discussed contain the additional details).


Just head to and join the discord server. No need to register, come to the voice channel in the server, Tuesdays 8 pm, California time.


Zip file containing (most) of the papers.

  1. 2023-01-10 Introduction
  2. 2023-01-17 Popular Network Architectures
  3. 2023-01-24 Structure Learning Networks
  4. 2023-01-31 Convolution Networks
  5. 2023-02-07 Recurrent Networks
  6. 2023-02-14 Transformer Networks
  7. 2023-02-21 Graph Processing Networks
  8. 2023-02-28 Multimedia Processing Networks
  9. 2023-03-07 Neural Architecture Search

Seminar presentations

Some questions people might ask

Is there any cost associated with this? No, but if you enjoy the lectures please present a paper yourself. The goal is to learn together.

There will be certificates awarded to attendees? No.

Will the lectures cover architecture so and so? Most probably not but take a look at the programme above. Your best bet is to prepare a paper on that architecture for the seminar and we can discuss it all together.

Will coming to this seminar help me with "extremely precise needs arising from requirements at work or university"? Most certainly not. And in the off chance it does, you'll be sitting through tons of material that is not relevant. The discord server has very good question forums, your best bet is to post there.

Any more questions ping me on the server, I'm DrDub in there.