This idea is part of the A Dollar Worth of Ideas series, with potential open source, research or data science projects or contributions for people to pursue. I would be interested in mentoring some of them. Just contact me for details.

Based on some Twitter discussion with Dr. Luccioni on the idea about Résumé Screening Simulator, it seems the human screening is not the only hurdle these days. Most applicants die at the (virtual) hands of algorithmic screeners.

Such tools are sadly of poor quality and resort to simple keyword matching. In that sense, it reminds me of Web search in the early 2000s. The same type of tricks employed back then can be useful now: add a line with a tiny font containing content that will only be seen by a computer.

This idea refers to taking an existing résumé and generate keyword expansions to it. Expansions that will make sense to a person versed in technology but that might be missing on the keyword filters. For example, if a person has experience in Hadoop, the system will add "Java" to the microline. And so on.