Dog Fooding Data Science

This project encompasses two recurring questions I hear from people starting in data science:

  • What could be an interesting project to flex data science skills?
  • What are the skills I need to learn to land a data science job?

These questions are very difficult to answer in abstract. An interesting project for a person may be a total bore to another. And skills for jobs is a moving target, location and industry specific.

The intention here is to answer both questions with a scrapping and data structuring project: if the person is interested in finding jobs, it makes sense looking at aggregate data of potential jobs might be an interesting topic. And the work might help answer the second question in a data driven manner.

Some skills that would be exercised include:

  • Web scrapping, as your job board(s) of choice will need to be accessed (semi)automatically.
  • Data cleaning, to remove the boiler plate from the pages
  • Information extraction or at the very least table extraction
  • Clustering
  • Potentially some ontological subsumption (e.g., a asking for "clustering" implies unsupervised learning)

I am not available for mentoring such project but I will be happy to add links here to any write-up people would make.