Information Extraction for WikiSpore Events

In 2019 at a Wikimedia NYC event, the idea of an alternative project to Wikipedia, under the umbrella of WikiMedia Foundation came about: Wikispore.

The intention of the project is to create topically related Wikis with a more inclusive criteria (allowing, for example, primary sources) and thus expanding the work behind WikiMedia Foundation outside of a pro-white, pro-Western bias. Each page in Wikispore is to be linked to a node in Wikidata.

This project is spearheaded by Pharos, with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating briefly in WikiReporter.

While Wikispore is still on its infancy, it could be very useful to use Information Extraction techniques, similar to the ones I employed in the IE4OpenData project to populate Event Spores. The source for the data can come from Twitter (although automated access to TW is increasingly more difficult to come by) or Reddit (which has a much friendlier API).