Lojban for microwave ovens

Many years ago, I was intrigued by the artificial language Lojban. The language has a number of unusual features, including a lexicon with roots derived from the five languages with larger number of speakers, a unique predicate argument structure with no nouns, verbs nor adjetives (but 0-argument predicates that behave like nouns and multi-argument predicates that behave like verb, adverbs, adjectives, etc). One of its most salient features for computer scientists is that the language was designed to be produce non-ambiguous syntactic parse trees (that doesn't mean semantic nuances cannot be encoded in the language, its syntax is a context-free language but you can write poetry, jokes or general innuendo as in any human language).

Moreover, Lojban phonetics are such that words are sound-wise very different from each other, allowing for quite a bit of latitude when it comes to mispronounciations.

The language has a following and as with most constructed languages, it is more of a niche. (I don't think Lojban has more speakers than Klingon, for example.) More over, the use of predicates rather than nouns and verbs open up some questions about whether the language can easily be learn to be spoken fluently.

The idea here is to give people a path for Lojban adoption by considering a creole to use with digital equipment. While services such as Siri or Alexa has made communication in natural language a reality for service access, more complex dialogues are still too complex for SotA. Issues of context, history, etc might be too open for computers to handle at the moment (and maybe in the foreseeable future). Enter Lojban as a creole (also known as a contact languages). Creoles are languages that surface from two human populations interacting with each other for very specific purposes. They are the only documented cases of human languages that are less expressive than other human languages.

In this idea, a subset of Lojban can be dressed up for people to talk to their electronic appliances (I use a microwave because handling complex cooking procedures would be a mouthful). In time, this little tidbits of Lojban might help people to talk to other humans that might not know any other common language than this creole.