Setting up Tiki Wiki CMS in an unpriviledged LXC container under Debian Bullseye

Container Setup

(See LXC Getting Started if you get stuck.)

lxc-create -n tiki -t download  -- --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com

choose from the list debian / bullseye / amd64

To start, CGroup2 delegation is needed, using systemd-run:

systemd-run --unit=my-unit --user --scope -p "Delegate=yes" -- lxc-start -n tiki

Set a root password with

lxc-attach -n tiki passwd

Then it is possible to get a console with:

lxc-console -n tiki


Setup for the OS inside the container

Tiki Setup

Main box Apache2 setup

Tiki uses the HTTP_HOST header to generate links. Without setting ProxyPreserveHost On, logins will not work.