Visual Elm

Since 2012 there is this "delightful language for reliable web applications" called Elm. It incorporates some of the best concepts of reactive web development with pure functional languages.

It is a language specifically designed for web pages, it continually executes a loop of receiving data and generating a full page from scratch. The actual page being displayed is updated based on delta from a shadow DOM to the actual page DOM.

This allows for building complex logic in a very straightforward manner, because creating a page from scratch is much easier than updating it.

Now, pure functional languages have the advantage that each function can be understood in isolation. It is possible to see a large function and then zoom in into the different functions being called. This translated itself easily to a graphical rendering, similar to flow-based languages like Pure Data.

It thus should be possible to write a version of Elm where the programmer can code by defining and wiring boxes representing functions. Moreover, the generated page can be seen in a separate pane as the programmer modifies the code.

This way of programming will most probably be very slow but it might appeal to visual thinkers. It might enable more people to program solutions to their own problems and to gain employment in the dev field.