The Wikinews Editors Lab tool is a support service which helps produce and publish articles on Wikinews for covering events. It is intended for use by citizen journalists who want to create a published online community record of any event. As with other Wikimedia projects, publication is collaborative, and anyone may contribute to published stories so that multiple perspectives are presented.

The tool is designed to create news articles for events including conferences, parades, and protests. Users of the tool are asked questions about the event, and based on their answers, the tool generates the text of a news article for publication in Wikinews. After publication of the base article, anyone may contribute more content to the story of the event, including perspectives of what happened, quotations from participants, interviews with featured presenters, or images and video of the actual event.


To use the tool, the user does the following

  1. visit Wikipedia.org
  2. Create and login to a Wikipedia account
  3. In Wikipedia’s search box, search for WP:Editorslab to go to the instruction interface
  4. WP:Editorslab sends users to the article generation wizard
  5. Complete the article generation wizard to get a block of text
  6. Copy the block of text produced
  7. Go to Wikinews “new article” creation page
  8. Paste text from the article generation wizard into the “new article” creation page
  9. Click save
  10. At this point, the article draft is queued for review by the Wikinews editorial community. A human will process this request, as is usual in this platform.
  11. Before or after the review process, other users may contribute more perspectives to the story
  12. The end result is that there is published online journalism about the event

Base story

(type of event)










A (issues) (type of event) was held on (date).

Issues -

(list of fields of academia)

2 Humanities

        2.1 Human history

        2.2 Linguistics

        2.3 The arts

            2.3.1 Literature

            2.3.2 Performing arts

            2.3.3 Visual arts

        2.4 Philosophy

        2.5 Religion

3 Social sciences

        3.1 Anthropology

        3.2 Ethnic and cultural studies

        3.3 Archaeology

        3.4 Area studies

        3.5 Economics

        3.6 Gender and sexuality studies

        3.7 Geography

        3.8 Organizational studies

        3.9 Political science

        3.10 Psychology

        3.11 Sociology

4 Natural sciences

        4.1 Biology

        4.2 Chemistry

        4.3 Physics

        4.4 Earth sciences

        4.5 Space sciences

5 Formal sciences

        5.1 Mathematics

        5.2 Applied Mathematics (also an applied science)

            5.2.1 Pure Mathematics

        5.3 Computer sciences

        5.4 Logic

        5.5 Statistics

        5.6 Systems science

6 Professions and applied sciences

        6.1 Agriculture

        6.2 Architecture and design

        6.3 Business

        6.4 Divinity

        6.5 Education

        6.6 Engineering and technology

        6.7 Environmental studies and forestry

        6.8 Family and consumer science

        6.9 Human physical performance and recreation

        6.10 Journalism, media studies and communication

        6.11 Law

        6.12 Library and museum studies

        6.13 Medicine

        6.14 Military sciences

        6.15 Public administration

            6.15.1 Public policy

        6.16 Social work

        6.17 Transportation

(list of social issues)

From ACLU -

capital punishment, criminal law reform, disability rights, free speech, HIV, human rights, immigrants' rights, juvenile justice, LGBT rights, mass incarceration, national security, prisoners' rights, privacy and technology, racial justice, religious liberty, reproductive freedom, voting rights, women's rights

Participants came to the event to present ...

The event was organized by (list all individuals and organizations who should get credit)

Optional story addons

Audience description

Name any group of people who attended.

How many people from this group attended?

  1. of (type of people) attended.

Who was the featured event speaker?

Complete the following sentence:

(This person) said that …

(paraphrase what they said in your own words).

At the event participants were invited to get more information from the following sources

(add links)

Request to participants

The event organizers said that people who wanted to do more could....

(read more at these links)

(continue the conversation at…)

Example articles

Police action and riot in India

A growing number of cities in the Indian state Haryana<location> have been under curfew<government reaction> since Friday. At least eight people are reported dead,<casualties> with government offices, property, dozens of buses, and eight railway stations<property damage> burned after protests over job quotas for the {{w|Jat}} caste<issues: caste, affirmative action> turned violent in several cities including {{w|Rohtak}}, {{w|Bhiwani}}, and {{w|Jhajjar}}. Reportedly some protesters broke into an armory in Rohtak, stealing arms and ammunition.

<main pull-quote, speaker, sentence>

{{QuoteLeft|I appeal to all my fellow Haryanvis to maintain law & order in the State, and ensure that harmony is maintained in society.|source={{w|Manohar Lal Khattar}}, Hyrana CM}}

Shoot-at-sight was ordered for Rohtak, Bhiwani, {{w|Sonipat}}, {{w|Panipat}}, Jhajjar, {{w|Jind}} and {{w|Hisar (city)|Hisar}}. Shops, hotels, and restaurants were set afire by protesters. Thirteen national army columns were called, and helicopters were used to reach various places in the state.<government reaction> Internet was disabled in affected districts, and the state government ordered blocks of all social networking websites. <media disruption>

Chief Minister {{w|Manohar Lal Khattar}} held a meeting to decide if Jats should also gain the reservation rights for government jobs and colleges by classifying them under Other Backwards Castes.<government deliberations>

Burning of stations and uprooting of tracks affected 810 scheduled trains, according to {{w|The Indian Express}}.<external media citation> Police said protesters torched Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu's house. The state might face water crises. {{w|Central Board of Secondary Education}} (CBSE) was to hold the Haryana Central Teacher Eligibility Test today, but cited "administrative difficulties" for suspending it.<side effects>

<historical context, past protests>

Back in 2014, the UPA government appealed for a Jat quota which was rejected by the Supreme Court. This morning, Manohar Khattar tweeted "I appeal to all my fellow Haryanvis to maintain law & order in the State, and ensure that harmony is maintained in society."

Last year, similar protest took place in Gujarat as Patels protested for reservation led by {{w|Hardik Patel}}.

Typical academic conference

I made a conjectural pathway to generating an article on the 2014 International AIDS Conference, hope this is what you want:


[https://www.google.com/url?q=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XX_International_AIDS_Conference,_2014&sa=D&ust=1460481174180000&usg=AFQjCNEKwwVGjcxlpbK2C2NVHhrZ1zYdfA] ]

what type of event?

  • conference
    • What fields?
      • Medicine
    • Specific topic?
      • HIV/AIDS

Name of event?

  • "International AIDS Conference"

Part of a series?

  • 20th conference in series


International AIDS Society


  • 20-25 July, 2014


  • Melbourne, Australia

Participant numbers?

  • 14,000

Featured speakers?

  • Michael Kirby
    • Quote or paraphrase?
  • Richard Branson
    • Quote or paraphrase?
  • Bill Clinton
  • announcements?
    • Open Society Foundation initiative

Security incidents?

  • casualty numbers
    • free-text: Malaysian Airlines deaths

A holiday

In this article, the first section describes the event. Each following sentence summarizes a regional response to the event.


Monday marked St. Patrick's Day, a national holiday in Ireland and a cause for celebration in many other nations.

(The event) happened on (date). The event is a holiday for (group who celebrates)

Australia's Irish pubs were expected to do booming business, while Sydney hosted one of the world's many St. Patrick's Day parades on Sunday.

In the United States, Chicago's main river was coloured green on Saturday.

A memorial to the Flight of the Earls was dedicated at Andermatt, Switzerland to mark the day. Early in the 17th Century, the last of the Gaelic Earls fled Ireland for Spain, travelling through Andermatt during their journey.

St. Patrick's Day parades are conducted in many regions of Japan. The Tokyo parade began in 1992, with this year's edition held on Sunday in the city's Omotesandō neighbourhood. Elsewhere in Asia, Singapore also held a St. Patrick's Day parade, this year connected with the 140th anniverary of the introduction of Guinness beer to that nation.

Finally from Ireland itself, nearly all of that nation's cabinet ministers will be in various nations for promotional visits. Prime Minister Bertie Ahern was in Washington to present a bowl of shamrocks to United States President George W. Bush, among other activities.

All of these follow the same format

(Who?) in (region?) marked the event by (what did they do?)

(Pubs) in (Ireland) marked the event by (having booming business).

(People) in (Chicago) marked the event by (coloring the river green on Saturday).

(People) in (Andermatt, Switzerland) marked the event by (dedicating a memorial to the Flight of the Earls).

(People) in (Tokyo) makred the event by (having a St. Patrick’s Day parade.)

(Bertie Ahern, the Prime Minister of Ireland) in (Washington) marked the event by (presenting a bowl of shamrocks to United States President George W. Bush).

Rally and counter-protest


what type of event?

  • rally
    • What fields?
      • political campaign
    • Specific topic?
      • Bernie Sanders Democratic Presidential campaign

Name of event?

  • "Seattle turns out for Bernie"

Part of a series?

  • 2nd Sanders event in the city

Organizers? Sanders campaign Date?

  • 8 August, 2015


  • Seattle, United States

Participant numbers?

  • 400

Featured speakers?

  • Bernie Sanders
    • Quote or paraphrase?

Security incidents?

  • counter-protest
    • Seattle Chapter of Black Lives Matter
      • Featured speakers?
        • Marissa Johnson
          • Quote or paraphrase?